10 More – most annoying posts on Facebook

Not wanting anyone to feel left out and continuing where I left off with my Top 10 Most Annoying Posts on Facebook, here are 10 more annoying posts on Facebook:

1. Couples that message each other publicly on Facebook.


(Gee what a clever way to let people know you guys are going to Paris next month)

2. Couples that brag about their relationship or their partner. jyw6y

The fact that a person feels compelled to post this means one or more of the following:

a. there is trouble in paradise

b. very insecure about their relationship and/or partner and is worried about how this relationship is perceived by others.

c. poster is an asshole that likes to brag about being ‘loved’ and make her single girlfriends jealous.


3. I F&*#ing love science

I have already expressed why I hate these posts Here.

4. Females complaining about their stalkers or how they were catcalled on the street. 

Humble brag alert.


5. People who check in everywhere. 

No explanation needed. This one has been around since the dawn of man.

6. Vacation Feet/legs


And for that matter, anybody that constantly checks in and post pictures while on vacation. If you were having so much fun you wouldn’t be posting on Facebook the whole time. Pathetic.

7. Gym posts


An attempt to get encouragement posts or pique the curiosity of the opposite sex as to the status of your flabby body (with the implication that it is no longer flabby)(but it probably still is if you are posting something like this).

8. Guys posting pics of themselves holding a baby (that isn’t theirs)  

Single guy, 30 years old, holding their niece or little cousin. So, nobody on your news feed knows who this kid is…so whats the point of this post…oh right you are trying to show your gentle side to all the females out there that have already labeled you as a ‘creeper’.

9. Guys posting pics of themselves when they were young.

Similar plan as #8, but even more desperate. You post a pic of yourself as a 6 year old. Hoping to god that some girl that has you entombed in a friend zone casket will throw you a bone and comment that  you are cute. And when she does, you foolishly throw yourself at her again only to be rejected with extreme prejudice.

10. Girls and their WINE.


So many cringe worthy things here: a) these self proclaimed party girls are the lamest you will find, you don’t get crazy with Wine, you get crazy with Vodka or other liquor, facts b) these girls are usually Fat, why?, because Wine has high sugar content…and yet they don’t know why they are Fat (but that’s a subject for another time), and as always c) pathetic attempt to portray this persona of being fun. Whats the convo’s like at these Wine nights, lemme guess 75% the girls looking at their phones and checking in/taking selfies, 25% talking about clothes they bought. Wild night!

or even worse



So what Lindsey is saying is either, she a) don’t need no man or  b) she is just a quiet girl, not like these whores out drinking, so please Guys looking to settle down, find me! (but not you “Jonathan” despite the fact that I ‘liked’ your photo of you when you were 6).



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